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At some point in life, most hunters think about hunting internationally. The lure of a Marco Polo Ram, a Cape Buffalo or a Leopard has become an attainable goal and more adventurous hunters are beginning to realize that here are awesome opportunities around the world. The biggest challenge is finding a reputable Outfitter for the species that you dream about. Remember something always. Hunting is, and always should be, hunting. So in your search for a destination, safety should be paramount, opportunity to harvest game optimal and a highly organized and connected Outfitter sought after. Not all international hunting trips are "the hunt of a lifetime" as usually advertised. Many, in fact are, but for all the wrong reasons. Many of these are the ones you hear about and they do not paint a good picture of what international hunting is like.

My wife, Norma and I have been hunting around the world and have been extremely lucky to choose reputable outfitters who actually cared to make sure we had an excellent experience. Everything we learn on our international safaris is applicable in our business. So when you book with Boss Guiding you are on the receiving end of years of experience at making your trip memorable.

Early on in our limited international hunting adventures, Norm and I decided that wherever we go in the world we try to hunt for half of the trip and holiday for the other half. That way, when we say we have been to Africa or to Spain, we have a long list of adventure outside the realm of hunting that have been wonderful experiences. The outfitters we have chosen to go with have, in all cases, made that possible. On the basis of our trips we would highly endorse the following international outfitters:


On four separate safaris to Southern Africa we have managed tours in five different countries, have hit the "highlight" destinations in all of them and managed to harvest 35 different species of the animals Africa has to offer. All of these safaris have been organized by Jannie and Ronel Otto. They are extremely well organized and connected. If it is plains game or the big five that you are after, check with Jannie on the hunts he has available. If you are looking to visit places like Victoria Falls, the Okovongo Delta or the Zulu battlefields Jannie and Ronel will organize a spectacular trip for you. Talk to Jannie, you will be glad you did!


Namibia is a special place. It is safe and has much to offer in terms of scenery and trophy animals. One of the only places left to harvest a mountain zebra, Namibia offers excellent springbok and oryx (gemsbok). The Gras hunting ranch is in a remote area on the Fish river and you will find the staff friendly, helpful and the accommodations comfortable. Contact Errol for information regarding your hunt at the Gras hunting ranch. You will be glad you did!

Zingela Safaris / Gras Hunting Ranch

Srdja and his daughter Sonja run a booking agency for hunts world wide. They annually attend the SCI Convention and have many hunts available. Srdja has a wealth of knowledge regarding animals around the globe and would be glad to organize a hunt for whatever you are looking for. I have hunted for Spanish Ibex in Spain, Brown bears in Chukotka, Russia and Snow sheep on the Kamchatka Peninsula. All of these hunts have been successful and well organized by Srdja and his contacts. He will help you make arrangements for your hunt and make sure your trophies are delivered home with a minimum of hassle and expense.If you are looking for something special is an out of the way part of the world you need to contact Srdja. You will be glad you did!

Srdja & Sonja Dimitrijevic

Bob and Norma Byers contribute to the W.I.S.E. Foundation through attendance at, or donation to, the Annual W.I.S.E. Awards Banquet. This Banquet is held at the BMO Center in Calgary during the first week in February. The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors' Association (AHEIA) works in association with the W.I.S.E. Foundation on behalf of this important cause. Boss Guiding has donated a hunt for two to the W.I.S.E. Foundation. Past recipients were Gordon and Michelle Sanders. The W.I.S.E. Foundation and AHEIA can look forward to our continued support.

Calgary Conservation Education Centre for Excellence

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